• Improving Roadway Design and Safety
  • March 13, 2018
  • Traffic safety is a crucial component of transportation as roadway developers are seeking to improve the driving experience to ensure drivers reach their destinations without harm. Traffic accidents injure, disable, and claim the lives of more than one hundred thousand drivers, passengers, and pedestrians every year. By improving roadway design, engineers are hoping to prevent car accidents.

    Risks to Take into Consideration
    Many outside factors affect the risks of traveling on roadways, including the type of travel, amount of traffic, type of vehicle, condition of the road, and the behavior of every driver on the road. The risks that drivers face are endless and include distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, adverse weather conditions, and unsafe vehicles.

    Improving Roadway Design
    Roadways are routinely redesigned and upgraded to improve the safety of all drivers. When building and improving roadways, the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) has specific recommendations to take into consideration regarding roadway design, including:

    Installing rumble strips, median barriers, and roundabouts
    Improving and installing more turn lanes
    Redesigning roads to include safety edges and better walkways
    Altering set traffic signals to extend the duration of the yellow light
    A large portion of car accidents take place during rush hour as traffic conditions fluctuate due to roadway congestion. Where roadways cannot be improved or redesigned in a timely manner, steps can be taken to improve the flow of traffic to reduce the number of rush hour accidents, including:

    Implementing flexible work hours
    Adding extra lanes to be used during peak rush hour times
    Installing matrix signs to provide travel information in real-time
    Precautions Drivers Can Take to Avoid Accidents
    While government, state, and local agencies are working to improve roadway safety with the help of engineers, there are steps that drivers and pedestrians can take to help prevent car accidents, including:

    Reducing travel speeds and following the speed limit
    Wearing a seat belt and utilizing child safety seats
    Wearing a helmet and other protective gear when riding a motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter
    Avoiding distractions by eliminating the use of electronic devices while driving, including cellphones
    Increasing visibility; drivers should have their headlights on at night and during inclement weather, and motorcyclists and bicyclists should wear bright, reflective clothing
    While local, state, and federal agencies are taking steps to improve road safety, a car accident can happen at any time. Unpredictable human behavior is the lead contributing factor of roadway accidents due to distracted, drunk, and fatigued driving. It is important to take caution while driving, keeping in mind the risks and behavior of others, to prevent fatal accidents and injuries.

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