• Truck Accidents Due to Defective Parts
  • February 23, 2018
  • At any given time in the United States, there are millions of trucks on the roads. Of the 15.5 million that exist currently, nearly 13 percent are semis, big rigs, 18-wheelers, and tractor trailers. Involvement in an accident with any one of these could be horrific. In fact, about 98 percent of all truck accidents involve a fatality. For every 100 million miles driven on American roadways, there are 2.3 fatalities and 60.5 injuries caused by big rigs.

    There can be a wide variety of causes when a truck accident occurs, from driver fatigue to road conditions, and more. A truck accident can also be caused by a defective vehicle or a defective part. Common defects that can cause a truck accident may include:

    Steering defects
    Broken turn signals, headlights, and tail lights
    Tire defects, such as tread separation and blowouts
    Faulty windshield wipers
    Brake failure
    Broken mirrors
    Defective straps and tie-downs
    Broken hydraulic hoses
    Broken defrosters
    Malfunctioning brakes
    Defective trailer hitches
    A truck accident can result in devastating injuries. Minor injuries may include soft tissue injuries, scrapes, and cuts. Serious injuries that have long-lasting or life-altering consequences can also result, such as chest injuries, back injuries, head trauma, and more.

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