• Delayed Diagnosis
  • July 6, 2017
  • Many people think that medical malpractice always involves a medication mistake, or an erroneous diagnosis. Sometimes, though, a delayed diagnosis can be considered medical malpractice as well.

    A recent case in point involves a seven-year old boy who suffered a stroke. It was initially assumed to be a seizure, even though the boy’s parents pointed out signs of a stroke, including no movement on one side, and obvious facial distortion. All the signs were there, but the boy was not diagnosed officially for 18 hours. The boy spent more than three months in the hospital, and has mostly recovered – though he now wears a brace on one leg, and has limited use of one arm and hand.

    In the above example, an earlier diagnosis may have meant a faster and more complete recovery. This child was lucky to survive. Sometimes a delayed diagnosis can lead to more severe disability or even fatal injury.

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