• Massive WWE Data Breach Leaks Fans’ Personal Information
  • July 7, 2017
  • A massive data breach at the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) recently leaked millions of fans’ personal information. Over three million users whose personal information like home and e-mail addresses, birthdates, as well as customers’ children’s personal information, turned up on an easily accessible website, and may be affected by the WWE data breach. Apparently, the WWE data breach may have occurred due to a misconfiguration of their database system or leakage through another web host’s infrastructure that WWE was using. Fortunately, no credit card or password information was contained on the database that was leaked. A leading cyber security firm is working with the WWE to investigate the cause of the data breach.

    Although the internet makes communication and accessibility to individuals and businesses convenient and satisfying, it has created new problems regarding the privacy and security of users’ personal information. New crimes involving identity theft and other types of consumer fraud foster new concerns for anyone who enters their information on an unsecure website.

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