• Johnson & Johnson to Pay Large Talcum Powder Settlement to Plaintiff
  • August 22, 2017
  • Johnson & Johnson must pay a large settlement to a plaintiff who claimed the company‚Äôs renowned talcum powder caused her to develop ovarian cancer. On Monday, the jury reached a verdict in the case at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Los Angeles, California, granting the plaintiff a $417 million judgment. Allegedly, the California woman used the baby powder starting in the 1950s up until 2016, and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007. She alleges that the company failed to properly warn consumers about the possible risks in using the powder, and her attorney states she filed the suit to help other women. Representatives from Johnson & Johnson state the company plans to appeal.

    As far back as 1972, warnings that talcum powder caused ovarian cancer were publicized, but that did not change the fact that Johnson & Johnson continued to sell their products. Thousands of lawsuits have arisen in recent years with two significant cases where the plaintiffs developed ovarian cancer via long-term talcum powder use, ordering the company to pay out nearly $130 million to the two afflicted women.

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