• FDA Recalls Nearly Half a Million St. Jude Pacemakers
  • August 31, 2017
  • The FDA issued a recall of around 465,000 St. Jude pacemakers due to a necessary firmware update to the devices. Heart patients are urged to visit their doctors for the patch, which will keep the devices, including the RF-enabled St. Jude pacemaker and cardiac pacemaker, from the dangers of tampering. Since modern pacemakers can connect to mobile devices and diagnostic systems, they are vulnerable to tampering. The patch would protect the devices from battery drain, and the ability for programmed settings and beats and rhythms to be changed. Doctors should use discretion when applying the patch because, in some cases, the updates may cause the device to fail to operate, lose programmed settings, and diagnostic data, which could put patients’ health at risk. A small number of devices could experience a complete loss of function. Currently, no reports of personal injuries exist, but the risk for harm is a serious concern.

    With the advent of technology, patients benefit from the positive medical advances that technological devices bring. Unfortunately, new products meant to help a patient carry significant health risks, too, like outsiders tampering with the functionality of the equipment, which could lead to personal injuries or even fatalities if the devices fail to protect them from harm or malfunction.

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