• Increased Risk of Car Accidents in Autumn
  • September 29, 2017
  • Fall can be a very relaxing time with comfortable weather and the splendor and beauty of the changing leaves. Despite its beauty, fall can also present a greater danger on the road than other seasons of the year.

    Although fall weather can be beautiful, it can also be unpredictable. A mild day can quickly turn into one that is filled with dark, gloomy skies and rain. The days are also shorter, which affects visibility.

    Drivers also need to be more aware of school traffic throughout the fall. As children come and go during school hours – especially during bus pick-up times in the morning and drop-off times in the afternoon – drivers need to be wary of the unexpected.

    Rain can also be a hazard in the fall. When rain falls on top of oil, pollen, and dust that accumulated over the summer, it can result in very slippery conditions.

    Falling leaves are another danger to consider as you drive through a scenic autumn landscape. Although they are beautiful, leaves are very slippery when wet, and they can hide pavement markings, potholes, and other possible hazards.

    Fall brings a greater number of deer out onto the roads too. Fall is mating season, and can also be a time of migration. Deer tend to dart out and present a danger to drivers.

    The colder temperatures during the autumn months means there will be morning frost and icy spots – especially on overpasses and bridges, and in shady areas. This can create the perfect environment for slick conditions.

    Fog is also a potential hazard during autumn. On a foggy day visibility is limited, and perception can be off for even the most experienced driver. Many drivers turn on their high beams in the fog, thinking it will enhance visibility, but the glare actually makes it worse.

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