• Emotional Challenges After a Traumatic Brain Injury
  • October 19, 2017
  • Many people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) also suffer disruptions in emotional functioning. These problems may include issues with awareness, recognition, expression, and regulation of their emotions. There can be many issues associated with a TBI, but the emotional effects are among the most difficult to treat.

    Sadly, even though the emotional ramifications of a TBI are widespread, this is an area that is grossly understudied. However, there may be new treatment approaches on the horizon. In fact, a recent study evaluates the value of videoconferencing technology to provide training in emotional regulation skills. This innovative “tele-habilitation” approach may offer more widespread access to treatment for TBI patients experiencing varying types of emotional challenges.

    A twelve-week session offered participants emotional regulation skills training, delivered by videoconference and supervised by experienced rehabilitation neuropsychologists. The program included:

    Education on how TBI affects emotional functioning
    Training in and practice of emotional regulation
    Feedback on specific strategies for improving learned skills in everyday life
    At the end of the twelve-week program, participants showed improvement in emotional regulation. Participants also experienced improvement in positive emotions, satisfaction with life, and problem-solving skills. The participants believed that they had made noteworthy progress toward their personal goals, and nearly 90 percent reported moderate to large improvement in their ability to regulate their emotions. In the future, videoconferencing could be a solution to conquering distance and travel barriers to treatment for the emotional issues associated with TBI.

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