• Man Fatally Struck After Exiting Vehicle on I-80 in Parsippany
  • October 23, 2017
  • A 27-year-old man was fatally struck after exiting his car on Interstate 80 in Parsippany, New Jersey. On Sunday morning, around 3:24 am, the pedestrian accident occurred, which involved a man from West Lawn, Pennsylvania who slammed into a guardrail and exited his vehicle to examine the damage. Once he came out of the car, an SUV driven by a 59-year-old man from Hackettstown, New Jersey fatally struck the victim. The SUV driver and his 14-year-old passenger sustained no injuries although the 15-year-old boy sitting in the back of the SUV incurred personal injuries and was treated at the Morristown Medical Center.

    Although pedestrians are protected by the same traffic laws as drivers, many are unaware of the rules in place and fail to use caution when driving near pedestrians. In some cases, however, a pedestrian accident could result when a driver exits a vehicle after a crash and is struck by another car, which could be considered a chain reaction accident. In either circumstance, the victim may sustain a range of injuries or even a fatality when hit by another vehicle.

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