• CarMax Vehicles and Safety Recalls
  • December 5, 2017
  • When you buy a used automobile from a dealer, you expect it to be free of auto defects. Three consumer advocacy groups are now up in arms over their claim that CarMax, the United States’ biggest used car dealer, has been selling vehicles with unrepaired defects that had been subject to safety recalls.

    According to reports, about 27 percent, or one in four vehicles sold, at eight CarMax dealerships had defects that were subject to safety recalls. Some of the defects that were found had been responsible for thousands of injuries and dozens of fatalities.

    Some of the defects included:

    Stalling in traffic
    Catching on fire
    Seat belts that fail during a crash
    Air bag inflators that rupture and propel metal fragments
    Stuck accelerator pedals
    Faulty steering
    The report obtained by the advocacy groups Masspirg, The CARS Foundation, and the Center for Auto Safety included vehicles CarMax advertised for sale in California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Included in the report were 45 vehicles with potentially lethal air bag inflators, and faulty switches that were linked to 124 fatalities and more than 275 injuries as of last year.

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