• Washington Amtrak Train Derailment Causes Multiple Fatalities
  • December 18, 2017
  • On Monday morning, a train derailment, involving an Amtrak train, caused multiple fatalities. Near Dupont, Washington, the train crash occurred when the train, which was making its first journey on a new service route, derailed on an overpass at Interstate 5, and train cars slipped over the edge onto the highway. Although the train cars struck many vehicles on the road, drivers and their passengers sustained a variety of personal injuries, but no reported fatal injuries. Unfortunately, several train passengers suffered fatalities during the train derailment, and more than 70 victims were hospitalized. Investigations will be conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board.

    When train crashes or derailments take place, they oftentimes result in a spate of personal injuries for passengers as well as potential fatalities. Although train accidents happen less often than bus or motor vehicle accidents, they are usually more catastrophic. A train derailment may be caused by broken or cracked rails due to the exposure to the elements outdoors.

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