• Nurse Stress and Medical Mistakes
  • December 21, 2017
  • A career in nursing can be very rewarding and personally fulfilling, but it can also be immensely stressful. The nurturing and care that a nurse provides is reassuring, comforting, and often life-saving. However, nurses deal with a wide variety of stress-inducing situations. These include long hours on their feet, heavy workloads, high-pressure working conditions, and, sometimes, violence from patients and their families. There is a high propensity for burnout. In fact, a recent study indicates that nurses experience depression at twice the rate of people in other professions.

    While this may be terrible news for nurses, it may be even worse news for the patients they care for. A separate study has made a connection between nurses who suffer poor health, including depression, and a higher rate of reported medical errors. Many nurses do not seek the help that they need, making the situation more perilous over time.

    Although nurses may blame themselves for feeling burnout, the source of the problem lies with the organizations where they work. Hospitals and other health care institutions need to ensure that nurses are not overworked and that the conditions they work in are supportive and aware of the challenges nurses face.

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