• Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Perth Amboy Causes Fatality and Injuries
  • January 5, 2018
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  • A teenage girl and over a dozen other residents suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning at a multi-family building in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. On Thursday afternoon, around 4:10 pm, first responders found over five residents unconscious from carbon monoxide exposure for which they received hospitalization. Several others, including more than five police officers, were evaluated and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, the 13-year-old girl succumbed to her fatal injuries at the hospital, and more than half of the residents who were discovered unconscious from the gas are in critical condition. Many of the carbon monoxide detectors in place in the residence failed to set off when the gas leak occurred.

    Carbon monoxide gas cannot be detected without the proper equipment because it contains no odor, color, or taste. Oftentimes, residents will not realize that they are being poisoned by the gas, and may sustain serious illnesses because of it. If the building or property owners failed to install up-to-date carbon monoxide detectors or did not maintain the heating system in the building, they may be held liable if residents develop medical issues or fatal injuries from the toxic exposure.

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