• Transparency After Medical Errors
  • January 26, 2018
  • When a person experiences an injury that is caused by a medical error, they are left to wonder what happened, and what could have been done differently. When someone suffers fatal injuries because of medical negligence, their family may experience a lifetime of questioning, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

    When medical care providers are committed to transparency in disclosing what went wrong during a person’s medical care or procedure, they can improve the quality of care, and increase patient safety. Being honest with a patient who has experienced a medical error can help to alleviate fear, build trust, and strengthen the relationship between the patient and their caregivers. Being transparent with the survivors of a person who has died because of a medical mistake can answer their questions and help them to move on.

    Some experts believe that the potential for medical errors has increased in recent years. There have been efforts to fix the problem, including education programs, computerization, changes to organizational culture, and root-cause analysis, but they have had minimal effects. There are health care providers who are not transparent because they fear that their reputations will be tarnished, or they will risk their livelihood or a lawsuit. All patients have a right to full information about every aspect of their care. Transparency after a medical error provides medical institutions and caregivers the chance to learn, explain, and change procedures. And for those injured, or their family members, it can alleviate the toxicity of lingering doubt.

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