• You've Been Breached During the Holidays: Now What?
  • November 23, 2017 | Author: Michael Bahar
  • Law Firm: Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP - Washington Office
  • ACC Docket

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    It was the start of the Thanksgiving holiday when the GC of a large retail company got an urgent call from her CEO. “We’re under attack. I just got off the phone with IT and we have been hacked. Ransomware and a DDOS. Call whoever you need to call, notify whoever you need to notify, and get this fixed.”

    A crippling attack on a retailer and its website right before Black Friday, and on a day in which few people work, is not a coincidence. Hackers often time their attacks for maximum effect.

    In this article for the ACC Docket, Eversheds Sutherland Partner Michael Bahar and Erez Liebermann, Chief Counsel on cybersecurity and privacy matters at Prudential Financial, discuss the critical question: What do you do when it happens to you?