• Online Application System Upgrades Affecting Company Registration Details
  • June 27, 2017
  • Further to our previous alert on the need to re-submit some Work Permit applications already in progress, there have now been reports that the registration details of several companies have been affected and are not fully migrating to the new version. As a result, such companies cannot complete their transactions through the online system.

    Any Work Permit application initiated during the next two to three weeks may trigger a requirement to re-register the entity in order for the Work Permit application to be accepted.

    Until all the data has migrated successfully, some entities may need to re-submit their registration details in order to continue using the online system. However, the completion date for the data transfer has not been announced publicly.

    What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

    Employers and foreign nationals should expect delays in processing of their work authorizations applications as a result of the continued instability of the online application system.