• Online Filing of Work Authorization Applications to Become Mandatory Starting July 2017
  • June 29, 2017
  • An online portal for submission and management of Work Permit applications, which had been piloted in Hanoi, is expected to become mandatory nationwide starting July 2017. Once fully implemented, all new and renewal Work Permit applications, job position approvals and Work Permit exemption certificates will need to be submitted through this online portal.

    Shorter Processing Times

    Although some delays are expected during the initial implementation, the online portal is eventually expected to reduce government processing times for the respective applications as follows:

    • Job position approval: 10 business days (previously 15 business days);
    • New Work Permit: five business days (previously seven business days); and
    • Work Permit renewal and Work Permit exemption certificate: three business days (previously seven business days).

    Registration of Online Account and e-Signature

    To be able to file applications, employers must complete a one-time registration to create an online account. They should also set-up a digital signature (e-Signature) for enhanced security when submitting applications through the portal.

    For the initial registration and e-Signature, employers will need to complete the following steps:

    • Create an account online by registering their corporate information; and
    • Set up an e-Signature that allows the system to verify uploaded documents and their source through one of the assigned service providers.

    At the moment, hard copies of supporting documents must still be presented for verification prior to collection of the Work Permit at the local government offices.

    What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

    Employers and foreign nationals should eventually benefit from the shorter processing times that the online work authorization system is expected to bring. However, delays and technical issues should be expected, especially during the early stage of implementation. To facilitate the transition, employers should work with their immigration professionals to register for an online account and obtain an e-Signature for their authorized signatories before the system is implemented nationwide. Companies filing applications in Hanoi should register immediately for an online account.