• Increased Processing Time for Emergency Entry Visa
  • July 4, 2017
  • Effective immediately, the Ghana Immigration Services (GIS) will be strictly enforcing the requirements for Emergency Entry Visa (Visa-on-Arrival) applications and amending the processing time to seven business days, an increase from the previous processing time of three to five business days. Upon approval of their applications, foreign nationals will be issued a letter of authority to travel to Ghana, and Emergency Entry Visas will be endorsed in their passports on arrival.

    Emergency Entry Visas

    Emergency Entry Visas are issued on arrival if the following conditions apply:

    • Ghana has no diplomatic mission or consulate in the foreign national’s home country;
    • Entry into Ghana is being sought for an emergency assignment even though Ghana has a diplomatic mission or consulate in the foreign national’s home country;
    • The distance between the applicant’s place of residence and the Ghana consulate office is such that the urgent nature of the applicant's journey makes it impossible for the applicant to travel to the office to obtain a visa; or
    • The applicant is traveling to Ghana for business purposes on a short notice.

    The documents required to apply for an Emergency Entry Visa are as follows:

    • Support letter issued by the host company, signed by a manager or human resources representative, detailing the following: country of origin, address of hotel, date of arrival, occupation or profession, duration of visit, address and telephone number abroad, e-mail address and the purpose of visit;
    • Copy of signatory’s local Identity Card and Residence Permit (if not a Ghanaian national);
    • Copy of the biographical data page of the foreign national’s passport;
    • Travel itinerary;
    • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate;
    • Audited accounts for the host company (where the company has been in existence for five years or more);
    • Bank statement (if the host entity is an individual);
    • Copy of host company’s Certificate to Commence Business;
    • Copy of host company’s Certificate of Incorporation; and
    • Copy of host company's Articles of Association.

    What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

    Foreign nationals traveling to Ghana should prepare the necessary documents and file their Emergency Entry Visas at least seven business days prior to the anticipated travel date.