• Levy on Dependent Family Members Implemented
  • July 20, 2017
  • Saudi Arabian authorities have implemented a monthly fee of SAR100 (approximately USD 27) for each dependent family member in country sponsored by a foreign national. The levy must be paid in addition to the standard visa processing fees, and it is expected to be increased by SAR 100 every year, reaching SAR 400 per dependent by 2020. The fee applies to each dependent family member including spouse, children, parents and domestic workers under the sponsorship of the foreign national.

    For any existing dependent family member, the fee applies from July 1, 2017, and it must be paid before the immigration application for new or renewal of dependent’s Residence Permit (Iqama) is submitted or at the time of exit re-entry visa processing. The amount of the levy is calculated per month of Iqama validity.

    The fee is collected through a bank system called SADAD. Any individual with a Saudi bank account can create a SADAD account via their bank's online portal. The dependent fees are non-refundable.

    Exit re-entry visas for dependents can now only be processed once the respective dependent fee has been paid by the sponsoring individual.

    Dependent Iqama renewals can only be completed once the fee for each dependent has been settled by the sponsor in advance, unless it had already been paid while obtaining exit re-entry visa. Sponsoring individuals will not be able to renew Iqamas or obtain exit re-entry visas for any dependent unless the levy is paid in advance for all dependents under his or her sponsorship.

    What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

    Foreign residents sponsoring dependents in Saudi Arabia must pay the dependents’ levy before the renewal of the Iqama or the issuance of exit re-entry visa, whichever comes first. The current levy is SAR 100 per dependent.