• Innovation Visa Introduced
  • August 15, 2017
  • The Israeli government has begun a three-year trial period for a visa for foreign nationals interested in developing new technologies, called the Innovation Visa. Foreign nationals under this visa will be able to stay in Israel for up to 24 months.

    Visa Details

    During their stay, Innovation Visa holders are eligible for support from the Tnufa Program, which supports entrepreneurs to register patents, design business plans, and obtain grants.

    Select Innovation Visa holders whose ideas develop into a business will be supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority, which will provide logistical and professional support to the startup. Additionally, they are eligible for an Expert Visa, a work permit valid up to five years.

    Visa Application Process

    To apply for an Innovation Visa, applicants can access an application on the Israeli Innovation Authority website. The Israeli Innovation Authority Committee will approve the project and recommend the grant of an Innovation Visa to the Ministry of Interior, which will grant the final visa.

    What This Means for Foreign Nationals

    The Innovation Visa should benefit technology startups as it does not require company sponsorship or meeting a minimum salary requirement, as required for an Expert Visa.