• Smart Departure Clearance Facility Available to 74 Countries
  • November 17, 2017

  • Executive Summary

    The Immigration Department has introduced Smart Departure, a departure clearance facility that allows eligible visitors to use automated lanes called e-Channels for self-service clearance when leaving the country. This facility is now available to qualified nationals of 74 countries without prior enrollment.

    The situation

    New faster departure process for eligible visitors.

    A closer look

    Smart Departure, a new self-service departure clearance facility, permits automated verification through automated lanes called e-Channels, without prior enrollment.

    Who is eligible. Eligible visitors from 74 countries over the age of 11 who hold a valid electronic travel document compliant with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and a valid electronic travel document from one of the countries or regions designated by the Immigration Department. The Immigration Department will regularly review the list of designated countries / regions eligible for the service.

    Steps upon arrival. Eligible visitors will automatically receive a landing slip bearing the SD (Smart Departure) logo upon completion of their arrival clearance at immigration counters in Hong Kong. This indicates that they can use Smart Departure when leaving the country.

    Steps upon departure. Qualifying visitors enter the Smart Departure lane and scan the data page of their electronic travel document. A camera employing facial recognition technology will be used to verify identity.

    Benefits. Faster and more convenient departure process when leaving the country.

    Other information. Holders of electronic travel documents may continue to use traditional counters for departure clearance. Immigration arrangements for visitors who have enrolled for the e-Channel service remain unchanged.