• Changes to Document Requirements
  • March 20, 2018
  • At a Glance

    The Russian government has made a number of changes to document requirements for corporate and individual work permit applications.

    • The passport validity requirement has increased;
    • Requirements for passport photographs are more detailed;
    • Signature requirements for application forms are stricter; and
    • Applications may be rejected if they contain pencil notes.

    Processing times for standard (non-highly skilled) applications have also increased.

    The situation

    The Russian government has amended document requirements and processing times have increased for standard (non-highly skilled) applications.

    A closer look

    The changes to document requirements for corporate and individual work permit applications are as follows:

    • Passport validity. Passports are now required to be valid for one and a half years from the date of application, which was increased from one year.
    • Passport photographs. The photo size and image size of passport photographs have changed and new quality requirements have been introduced.
    • Application form signatures. Application forms must now be signed by persons with signatory power in their own right, such as a Chief Executive Officer, and may not use a Power of Attorney. The signatory’s job title must be mentioned with the signature.
    • Pencil notes. Documents submitted as part of a work or residence permit application may not contain any notes made with a pencil.
    • Impact. Foreign nationals should ensure that they are in compliance with the new requirements before submitting any applications.

    The processing time for standard (non-High Qualified Specialist) work permit applications increased to 15 business days, from the previous processing time of 10 days.

    • Impact on foreign nationals and employers. Foreign nationals applying for work permits and employers should take this longer period of time into account when calculating start dates.