• Italian Tax Code Number Now Required for Dependents Prior to Fingerprinting in Some Regions
  • April 13, 2018
  • The situation

    In certain regions in Italy, authorities have started requesting non-EU dependents of a work permit holder to obtain an Italian Tax Code number (Codice Fiscale) prior to filing their Permit of Stay application. This process may be applied nationally in the near future.


    • Dependents. This change will impact Permit of Stay holders’ dependents, since they will need to obtain a Tax Code number before the fingerprinting appointment, which is required for the Permit of Stay application. The Tax Code number preparation process can take two to three days, and, must occur prior to the fingerprinting appointment. If the Tax Code number is not obtained, rescheduling the fingerprinting appointment can put the dependent at risk of application rejections or further travel restrictions.
    • Principal visa holders. Principal Permit of Stay applicants are not affected by this new requirement since they automatically obtain an Italian Tax Code number when signing the Contract of Stay.

    Tax Code number process

    Obtaining a Tax Code number involves gathering necessary documents and having a representative submit the application in Italy (personal appearance is not required).