• New Provincial Nominee Streams in Alberta
  • June 25, 2018
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  • The situation
    The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has implemented two new immigration streams, the Alberta Opportunity stream (which replaces the Employer-Driven and the Strategic Recruitment Streams) and the Alberta Express Entry stream.
    The goal of the new streams is to diversify the Canadian economy, help Alberta employers expand their workforce and ensure that local Albertans are afforded preference over the new streams’ nominees.

    A closer look

    • • Alberta Opportunity stream details.
      • Criteria. Applicants to this stream will be subject to flexible selection criteria based on factors such as:
        • residency status;
        • occupation;
        • language skills (notably, the test score required for English and French language skills increased from 4 to a minimum of 5 in each of the language abilities);
        • educational background; and
        • work experience inside or outside Canada; and
        • income.
      • Exemptions. Most occupations under skill levels 0, A, B, C, and D are eligible to apply under this stream, but there are ineligible occupations and wage limits under certain occupations.
      • Looking ahead. The selection criteria for language, education and income is expected to become more restrictive over the next three years.
      • Impact. The new Alberta Opportunity Stream is expected to streamline the application process, reduce processing times, permit more candidates to access this stream, and allow the province to meet its local labour demand. Applications submitted under the Employer-Driven and Strategic Recruitment Streams prior to June 14, 2018 will continue to be processed.
    • Alberta Express Entry stream details.
      • Selection pool. AINP will select candidates with active Express Entry profiles from the federal Express Entry pool of candidates.
      • Application process. AINP will select candidates directly from the Express Entry pool and will invite them to apply for a nomination.
      • Criteria. Candidates who have demonstrated strong ties to Alberta (based on criteria that has not yet been set out), and who can support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities will be invited to apply. International graduates will also be invited under this stream.
      • o Impact. If a candidate is invited to apply for nomination under this stream, the nomination approval will allow a candidate to add 600 points to their Express Entry profile. The additional points will result in selection and invitation to apply for permanent residence at the federal level. This translates into a faster selection and application process for permanent residency.
    • Application limit. AINP will issue a maximum of 5,600 nominations for the 2018 calendar year for both streams, however 2,277 nomination were already issued in 2018 and approximately 4,700 applications are waiting assessment for eligibility.
      • Impact. The quota for nominations will be reached this year and any applications filed this year will likely be processed next year.