• Suspension Extended for the Recruitment of Foreign Nationals Across Various Industries
  • June 28, 2018
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  • The situation

    The Ministry of Manpower in Oman is extending a suspension of the recruitment of foreign nationals in 87 professions through January 30, 2019.

    A closer look

    The affected industries continue to be as follows:

    • Professions in the information and technology sector, including:
      • Computer engineer;
      • Graphic designer; and
      • Information security specialist.
    • Technical professions, including:
      • Building technician;
      • Electronic technician; and
      • Construction technician.
    • Engineering sector professions, including:
      • Civil engineer;
      • Mechanical engineer; and
      • Projects engineer.
    • Professions in the administration and human resources sector, including:
      • Administration Director;
      • Business Administration Specialist; and
      • Public Relations Specialist.
    • Other professions including some in the following industries:
    • Accounting and finance;
    • Aviation;
    • Insurance;
    • Media and information; and
    • Medicine.

    The same exemptions for employers and foreign nationals as under the initial suspension continue to apply.

    Impact for employers
    Employers will need to continue to hire local workers in all the affected positions until the suspension is lifted.

    Impact for foreign nationals
    Foreign nationals cannot work in the above listed professions until the suspension is over