• Short-Term Work Authorization Validity Restricted
  • November 13, 2018
  • The situation

    The Israeli Work Permit Unit has published a new policy that limits the validity of short-term work authorizations.

    A closer look

    Short-term work authorization for visa-exempt and visa nationals is now limited as follows:

    • Short-Term Employment Authorization (SEA). For visa-exempt nationals applying for Short-Term Employment Authorization (SEA 45 day-work visa), any prior travels to Israel, including personal visits, in the same calendar year are now deducted from the maximum work permit validity of 45 days.
      • Possible solution. Employers may be able to avoid such deductions by registering non-work related travel with the Work Permit Unit before applying for a SEA.
    • Short-Term Employment Permit (STEP). For visa nationals applying for a Short-Term Employment Permit (STEP), consular entry visa processing (which typically takes approximately four weeks) is deducted from the permit validity of three months.


    Employers and foreign nationals should account for limited work authorization validity as exceptions may not be granted.


    Israel has a strict interpretation of the maximum amount of time foreign workers can spend in the country, with long-term work authorization generally limited to five years and three months from the first day of employment.

    This the first time the Israeli authorities have limited the validity periods of short-term work authorization categories.

    Looking ahead

    Fragomen will support employers and foreign nationals in exception applications and will report on their success once known.