• Minimum Salary Level Increased
  • December 14, 2018
  • The situation

    Effective November 1, 2018, the minimum monthly salary for intracompany transferees in Poland has increased an average of 6.1 percent from last year. The actual thresholds vary per province. Thresholds for locally-hired foreign workers are scheduled to increase by 7 percent effective January 1, 2019. Thresholds for EU Blue Card applicants are due to change in February 2019, but the new thresholds have not yet been announced.

    A closer look

    The thresholds are scheduled to change as follows:

    The above amounts only apply to applications filed on or after the effective date. Applications pending as of that date and current permit holders do not require salary adjustments to meet the new amounts.

    Reminders on other requirements

    • Benefits and allowances. As before, benefits and allowances may not be included in the minimum salary calculation.
    • Currency. As before, employers are required to guarantee the salary in PLN regardless of payroll location and/or exchange rate fluctuations. Salary amounts must be declared in PLN in the work permit application.
    • Variable threshold. As before, minimum salary requirements vary based on immigration category, job category and geographic location.
    • Sufficient funds. As before, foreign nationals must have sufficient funds to support themselves and any dependents during their stay in Poland.

    Looking ahead

    Fragomen will report on upcoming minimum salary requirement changes (for example as noted above for the EU Blue Card in February 2019).