• Public Utilities Article
  • August 10, 2017 | Authors: Neil J. Schechter; Timothy D. A. Chriss; David H. Fishman; Y. Jeffrey Spatz; Edward J. Levin; Seth M. Rotenberg; Searle E. Mitnick; William D. Shaughnessy; Peter B. Rosenwald; Danielle Stager Zoller
  • Law Firm: Gordon Feinblatt LLC - Baltimore Office
  • 27. Chapter 534 (HB 261)

    Public Utilities - Termination of Service to Multifamily Dwelling Unit - Notification to Property Owner or Property Manager
    Public Utilities Article adding Section 7–307.3

    This Act requires a public service company, before terminating gas or electric service for nonpayment, to notify the property owner or property manager of a multifamily dwelling unit if the property owner or property manager has enrolled in a third-party termination notification program, subject to specified conditions. The property owner or property manager must (1) notify the public service company of the enrollment in a third-party notification program; (2) obtain the customer’s written consent to enroll in a third-party notification program; and (3) provide documentation of the written consent to the public service company. This Act may not be construed to prevent any other form of third-party notification that a customer may request. The Public Service Commission (PSC) may adopt regulations to implement this Act.

    Effective October 1, 2017.