• Ground Rent
  • August 10, 2017 | Authors: Christia A. Pritts; Lawrence D. Coppel; Andrew D. Bulgin; Marjorie A. Corwin; Peter B. Rosenwald; D. Robert Enten; David S. Musgrave; Robert A. Gaumont; Christopher R. Rahl; Bryan M. Mull; Chastity E.C. Threadcraft
  • Law Firm: Gordon Feinblatt LLC - Baltimore Office
  • Ground Lease Registration Form – Revisions
    HB44 (Chapter 542)
    (effective October 1, 2017)

    As a result of this law, the ground lease holder registration forms made available by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation will be revised to allow ground lease holders, at their option, to include their telephone number and email address.

    Residential Ground Leases in Baltimore City – Abandoned Property
    SB487 (Chapter 595)
    (effective October 1, 2017)

    Under current law, recovery of delinquent ground rent on property in Baltimore City is limited to 3 years’ past-due ground rent if the property is owned or acquired by Baltimore City and is abandoned or distressed property as defined in the law. Chapter 595 leaves unchanged the limitation for distressed property but further narrows recovery of ground rent relating to abandoned property in Baltimore City. It prohibits any proceeding against the current leasehold tenant to recover ground rent that was due from a former leasehold tenant before the date that the current tenant acquired title if the property is owned or acquired by the current tenant and is abandoned property as defined by law.