• Improper Training Causes Work Accidents
  • September 27, 2017
  • Accidents happen on the job every day. They are often the result of an unsafe work environment, inadequate safety equipment, or negligence in issuing warnings. There are also times when a work accidents and injuries happen because of improper training. In fact, employees who are untrained or improperly trained may pose a real and serious danger to themselves and to their coworkers.
    Depending on the industry, a solid training program may be essential in the following areas:
    How to avoid electrocution
    Preventing falls from scaffolding and ladders
    Wearing proper protective gear
    Lifting heavy objects
    Operating heavy machinery
    Handling chemicals without exposure to the skin, eyes, and face
    Maintaining a safe work environment also means having a plan for emergency responses and first aid training in place, along with proper supervision of safety procedures. If appropriate training is not provided, and a safe work environment is not a priority, the results can be tragic.
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