• Tree-Cutting Injuries
  • September 29, 2017
  • Working as a landscaper or providing tree-trimming services might seem like a very enjoyable job. However, there are certain dangers that are inherent to this kind of work.
    The most common tree-cutting or pruning injuries include:
    Being struck by a falling object, such as a limb or a tree branch.
    Falling out of a tree or off of a roof while trying to access a tree. This usually happens when the worker fails to use proper safety harnessing.
    Electrocution can occur when a worker is trimming trees around electrical wires. The worker could either strike the wire or a tree branch could knock a wire down, striking the worker.
    An impact injury can happen when equipment fails. For example, the lift mechanism of a bucket truck could pin a worker or a safety rope could break, resulting in injury.
    Cuts occur often because chainsaws, hacksaws, and other manual tools can easily cause injury when handled improperly.
    Amputations can be the result of improper use of power tools or when machinery malfunctions or is used in an unsafe manner.
    Eye injuries are a risk when sawdust or wood chips become airborne, landing in the eye. Corneal abrasions, cuts, and scratches are common injuries, but can be avoided with the proper protective eyewear.
    Scrapes and splinters can occur when unprotected skin comes in contact with tree bark and infections can develop in untreated and unprotected wounds.
    Trees may be filled with insects and animals. When a worker disrupts their environment, insects and animals may sting or bite. Insects and animals commonly found in trees include bees, wasps, raccoons, and squirrels.
    Exposure to poisonous plants can result in dermatitis, blistering, infection, or a severe allergic reaction. Common poisonous plants, which can grow up through a tree, include poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.
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