• Holiday Parties and Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • November 14, 2017
  • The annual holiday party is a beloved workplace tradition. It can help to boost morale, give co-workers a chance to socialize, reduce stress, and help employers show their appreciation for a job well done. Although there are many benefits to office holiday celebrations, there are also a few potential downfalls. The celebratory atmosphere, lowered inhibitions, and the possible inclusion of alcohol can lead to the risk of injury.
    If you become injured at a company party during the holidays, you may wonder whether your injury is covered by Workers’ Compensation. It may be, depending on the circumstances. There are several factors that go into deciding an employer’s liability for an injury sustained at a holiday party. Questions to consider may include:
    Who hosted the event? Did your employer directly sponsor or endorse the event?
    Was your attendance required? If participation was mandatory, or if you were paid to attend, your employer may be liable.
    Did your employer stand to benefit from the event? Sometimes companies host holiday parties to impress clients, and to win or maintain their business.
    Where did the injury occur? Was the party hosted on company property, and was the injury caused by unsafe conditions that had not been addressed or repaired?
    Even when mandatory attendance at a company party is not announced, many employees feel pressured to attend anyway. It is wise to be cautious by limiting alcohol consumption, to use good judgment, and to either avoid or only make a brief appearance at parties that could get out of hand.
    If you were injured during a work-related holiday event, a Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help – even if your claim was initially denied. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gross at 267-589-0090 or complete our online form.