• Temp Workers in Jeopardy
  • December 4, 2017
  • The number of temporary job postings has been rapidly increasing along with a rise in the maltreatment of temp workers, many whom are not aware of their rights. Temp jobs have become popular for many reasons including that staffing agencies can deal with the hiring while also acting as a buffer between the employee and employer. This partially removes a company’s liability from any health or financial concerns and can confuse the process of Workers’ Compensation.

    Temping Downsides
    Temp employees include immigrants who come to the United States and are willing to work for less than minimum wage. Medical mistreatment is also an issue that arises as it is less common for companies to offer health benefits to their temp employees.

    When foul play is suspected, the employer can default back to the staffing agency and hold that agency accountable for maltreatment. The staffing agency can in turn shift blame to the host employee, and typically, both will end up partially liable.

    Many staffing agencies disappear and re-emerge under different names to further shield themselves from liability. It is not uncommon for temp workers to not know which agency is responsible for paying them, especially when it comes to under the table cash jobs.

    A recent publication titled “Pennsylvania Workers in Jeopardy: The Hidden Problem of Temporary Employment” written by Jennifer Lee, an assistant professor at Temple University, highlights the dangers that come with the influx of temp jobs.

    Temping Statistics
    The report shows there were 68,623 temp workers in Pennsylvania in 2001. Since then, the numbers have grown by 66%, resulting in 113,680 temp employees in 2016. The number of underpaid and injured temp employees has also increased with the number of temp job placements.

    The report reveals that many workers are filling roles in transportation and production industries rather than office work. One of the issues with temps filling job demands in these fields is that they do not always receive the same safety training that a long-term full-time employee would.

    There is also a lack of healthcare coverage for temps at many of these jobs. Many temp employees are not aware that they are eligible for Workers’ Compensation if they become injured on a jobsite due to convoluted terms when they are hired through staffing agencies.

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