• Workers’ Compensation Eligibility
  • December 28, 2017
  • Employee Eligibility
    Before filing a claim, workers must first make sure they are covered under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Part-time and seasonal workers are covered, as well as employees of unincorporated businesses and non-profits. Companies with at least one employee should provide coverage as well.

    Federal employees and some tradesman including longshoreman and railroad workers are covered under federal Workers’ Compensation programs. Volunteers, freelance workers, and independent consultants are not considered employees and thus are not eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

    To obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits, an injury must have occurred on the job. Only illnesses that are caused or aggravated by work conditions are covered. An eligible disease or injury should be severe enough to require medical attention beyond basic first aid.

    Workers’ Compensation Benefits
    If an employee’s claim is approved, the employer is required to pay the cost of medical treatment related to the injured party’s condition. Coverage includes doctor visits, physical therapy, and surgery.

    If an employee returns to work but is not making as much as they did prior to their injury or if their disability rating is less than 50 percent, they will receive a calculated portion of their wages. Wage loss benefits last a maximum of nine years.

    If the injured party cannot work at all, they will receive total disability benefits at 66.7% of their regular wages for up to 104 weeks. At that time, a medical evaluation will determine if they have partial or permanent disability.

    Specific Loss Awards
    Some workers left permanently injured by a job-related accident are entitled to a specific loss award. This is a lump sum payment used to compensate workers for the injury or loss of a certain part of the body.

    The state permits workers who are denied Workers’ Compensation benefits or who disagree with their award to file an appeal. Workers can appeal decisions all the way to the Commonwealth Court. Workers are advised to consult an experienced Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation lawyer before filing an appeal.

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