• Power Drill Injuries Account for Numerous Claims
  • January 10, 2018
  • When a homeowner sustains an injury while operating a power drill they may have no legal recourse if the accident is not attributed to a design defect or a machine malfunction. For those who work in the construction industry, however, a power drill-related injury can form the basis of a successful Workers’ Compensation claim. It is imperative that all workers who use power drills while performing their job duties receive proper training on the safe use of such dangerous tools.

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission maintains that power drills send an estimated 2,500 Americans to the emergency room each year. Many of these injuries involve electric shock stemming from drills, which have not been treated properly. When a power drill is repeatedly dropped or used roughly, the insulation, which protects a worker from the electrical current powering the drill, can weaken.

    A power drill with weakened insulation can then shock a user upon exposure to moisture. Workers who suffer an electric shock after unwittingly handling a live power drill will often require medical treatment. Some shocks can be so strong that they cause fatal injuries.

    Training and Proper Storage
    Supervisors have a duty to routinely inspect all power tools, which will be used on a construction site. Power drills, which appear damaged or have exposed or loose wiring at the plug or housing connection, must never be used. Additionally, a supervisor should store power drills away from heat, oil, and sharp edges, and ensure that construction workers never carry a power drill by its cord.

    Construction workers who are not properly trained on the safe use of a power drill are susceptible to other injuries involving fingers and eyes. Hand guards and protective eyewear should always be provided to employees who will operate power drills.

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