• You Cannot Always Return to Work After an Injury
  • January 22, 2018
  • Not all work injuries are created equal, especially shoulder injuries. Some injuries heal quickly and routinely, without any lasting effects. However, some can have a permanent effect on daily activities, especially at work.

    A shoulder injury can range from mild to severe. A sprain is an example of a minor injury, which will heal on its own over time by limiting its use and resting. A severe injury, however, such as a rotator cuff tear, may require surgery. A rotator cuff injury may take a long time to heal, and the shoulder may never be the same.

    With certain jobs, a shoulder injury can be especially problematic. Some jobs require a lot of shoulder movement and it may be difficult to return to work after experiencing such an injury. The types of jobs that are usually the most difficult after a shoulder injury include:

    Jobs that require a lot of overhead reaching
    Jobs that involve heavy lifting
    Jobs that require a lot of repetitive shoulder movement
    If a doctor advises surgery after a shoulder injury, an employer may offer a light-duty job rather than returning an employee to the more strenuous job that caused the injury. Only a doctor, however, can determine whether that job is suitable, and that it will not worsen the injury. Even with a doctor’s approval, there may be certain restrictions to follow.

    After recovering, and after a functional capacity evaluation, a doctor will determine whether an employee can go back to their normal duties, go back to work with certain restrictions, or if they cannot return to their former work at all. To protect yourself and your future, you need to be aware of your rights regarding a permanent injury.

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