• Heart Attacks on the Job
  • January 29, 2018
  • In a moment, an individual can suffer a heart attack at work. What happens in the moments that follow can dramatically steer the worker’s prognosis, which is why it is critical that anybody who suffers this type of episode receive emergency medical care as soon as possible.

    After someone has suffered a heart attack at work, they can usually file a Workers’ Compensation claim to seek benefits like medical bill coverage and compensation for a portion of their lost wages. But unlike injuries, conditions like heart attacks cannot always be definitively tied to a victim’s workplace environment. It can be more difficult to recover Workers’ Compensation benefits for a heart attack than it can be for an injury that is clearly linked to a workplace accident.

    High-Risk Fields
    When an individual’s body is subjected to prolonged physical stress, their risk of suffering a heart attack increases. Jobs that involve manual labor tend to be the types of job where employees have a higher risk of suffering heart attacks. High risk employees can include:

    Agricultural workers
    Retail workers
    Construction workers
    Healthcare workers
    Employees in the logging industry
    Proving Fault
    Certain conditions, such as obesity and high blood pressure, are linked with an increased risk of heart attack. In Pennsylvania, an employee’s physical condition before their heart attack does not impact their eligibility for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

    However, the employee must clearly and specifically demonstrate that the physical stresses of their work environment caused the heart attack, and that if these physical stresses were not present, the heart attack would not have occurred. To prove this, the worker should provide testimony from their healthcare provider that discusses the conditions that led to the heart attack and the worker’s prognosis.

    Physically stressful jobs are not the only type of job where a heart attack can occur, nor are they the only types of job where heart attack victims can recover Workers’ Compensation benefits.

    Any type of exertion that pushes an employee’s heart into unsafe territory can qualify them for these benefits, such as a high conflict confrontation with a supervisor or the physical exhaustion that can come with a job in the healthcare sector.

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