• Work Injury Among Older Workers
  • March 2, 2018
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  • More people are suffering fatal injuries on the job than ever before, but older workers are among the most vulnerable. There is the possibility for a fatal workplace accident in every age group, especially in dangerous industries like construction. Those who were aged 55 years and older accounted for 36 percent of the fatalities in 2016, even though they comprised only 23 percent of the workforce.

    American workers who are 55 and older have the greatest chance of a fatal work injury among all age groups. These sobering facts were validated in the most recent Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, which found that the fatality rate of workers who were aged 65 years and older was nearly three times the national average. The choice to keep working after age 62 could be connected to a decline in pensions. Additionally, many people receive financial advice against taking Social Security too early, or the status of the healthcare system demands that older people keep working for healthcare benefits.

    Even though younger workers may have a similar number of on-the-job accidents, they result in fewer fatalities. That may be because resilient health is on their side. For example, recent statistics show that the fatality rate for injured workers over age 65 were 10 percent per 100,000, while the fatality rate for 18 and 19-year-olds was less than two percent.

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