• Work Injuries Leading to Chronic Pain or Illness
  • March 3, 2018
  • Many workers who are injured on the job will suffer pain and lose time from work. There are certain injuries that result in chronic conditions and may cause pain that will last for many years, or even a lifetime. Injuries of this kind can necessitate ongoing medical care, and they may cause a continuous loss of work. However, if you experience a chronic condition that was caused by a work-related activity, you should be covered by Workers’ Compensation.

    Your Workers’ Compensation benefits should cover any injury or illness that develops slowly over time. Examples of this type of injury include repetitive motion injuries and occupation-related illnesses. A repetitive motion injury occurs when you repeat the same motion. Conditions that can be caused by this injury include carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, bursitis of the shoulder, and more.

    Occupation- related illnesses are caused by continuous exposure to harmful substances. These illnesses may include asthma, black lung, or mesothelioma. There have also been instances where Workers’ Compensation has covered conditions that have been caused by stressful work environments. Those conditions may include heart or digestive problems.

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