• OSHA Fines Local Fireworks Company
  • March 9, 2018
  • A Lehigh County fireworks company, Celebration Fireworks Inc., remains under scrutiny after an explosion on its premises caused significant bodily injury to a female employee last summer. The incident led to an investigation by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which remains ongoing.

    In June 2017, a Celebration Fireworks employee was injured while inserting a match fuse into a fireworks charge causing an explosion on the premises. OSHA investigation records state that the resulting explosion caused both the employee’s hands to be amputated and necessitated a prolonged hospital stay. However, Celebration Fireworks president, John Kemps, provided details that the woman only lost a pinky finger on her right hand and all fingers on her left hand.

    Safety Code Violations
    Because of the OSHA investigation, Celebration Fireworks has been cited for numerous safety code violations. In addition to the imposition of fines, the citations have resulted in OSHA setting forth mandatory corrective actions that the company must take to prevent future accidents at the facility. OSHA and Celebration Fireworks recently reached an informal settlement lowering the number of fines to approximately $15,000, with respect to these cited violations.

    The required corrective actions that the company must perform include:

    Compiling written process safety information to ensure an understanding of the hazards posed by processes involving highly hazardous chemicals
    Performing a hazard evaluation
    Developing and implementing operation procedures that provide clear safety instructions
    Establishing and implementing an emergency action plan for the facility
    Determining the hazards present and the protective equipment required
    Adequately training a first aid person and providing adequate first aid supplies
    Providing portable fire extinguishers and employee training on how to use them
    Developing a written hazard communication program
    Developing safety data sheets for all hazardous chemicals in use at the facility
    Providing employee training on the use of hazardous chemicals in the work area
    Individuals who work in the fireworks industry are just some of the workers who face potential risk of injuries due to the handling of hazardous substances. In addition to injuries caused by explosions, such as chemical burns or loss of limbs, exposure to hazardous substances can also lead to poisoning, skin rashes, birth defects, lung disorders, kidney disease, liver problems, and other nervous system disorders. Individuals who suffer bodily injury because of a workplace accident may be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries, including the costs of medical treatment and lost wages.

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