• Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Statute of Limitations
  • March 10, 2018
  • When injuries happen on the job, it is essential that the injured victim acts quickly to report the injury and to take the first steps to recovery. In Pennsylvania, there is a statute of limitations on Workers’ Compensation claims. This means that you must file a Claim Petition within three years from the date of your injury, when you are seeking benefits for that injury. If your benefits are terminated, you have three years to seek reinstatement of compensation, and to strike the effective termination of your benefits.

    However, you only have 21 days to report an injury to your employer. This applies to physical and psychological injuries, and occupational diseases. Employers must report fatal injuries within 48 hours, and all other injuries within seven days. There is then a seven-day waiting period for the payment of wage loss disability benefits after an injury.

    The Workers’ Compensation process can be confusing, yet it is essential that you know your rights so that you do not miss out on the benefits you are entitled. That is why it is important to rely on the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer who has experience in this area of the law.

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