• Common Server Injuries in the Restaurant Industry
  • March 23, 2018
  • While we associate Workers’ Compensation claims resulting from workplace accidents and injuries with construction work, workplace accidents and injuries can occur in any work environment. From the medical industry to the hospitality and service sectors, including the restaurant industry, even the smallest accidents are workplace injuries that may be covered under Workers’ Compensation.

    Although the injuries obtained as a waiter or waitress in the restaurant industry may not be permanently damaging, there are several common injuries that may have long term side effects that employers do not consider when thinking about workplace accidents and injuries. Below is a list of the most common injuries that servers are subject to within the restaurant industry, as well as prevention tips.

    Cuts and Burns
    Cuts and burns are, without a doubt, the most common injuries that a server can obtain. Sharp knives and utensils are handled on a regular basis, and broken glassware is more common than you think. Improper utensil management may result in accidents. For example, while carrying a serving tray, it is easy to forget to place utensils as close to the center of the tray as possible, which may result in the utensil falling to the ground or stabbing your body.

    Servers are constantly handling hot food. If a serving tray is carried too close to the body, it may create a hazard if very hot plates or drinks are on it. In the event of an accidental stumble, carrying a serving tray away from the body and dropping it instead of attempting to save the tray during your fall will prevent accidental injuries.

    Aches and Pains
    Waiters and waitresses are constantly on their feet. To do their job, they must walk from their serving tables to the kitchen repeatedly, as they accommodate guests by fulfilling their requests and serving food.

    Wearing unsupportive shoes may be one of the biggest mistakes that servers make, but improper handling and lifting may cause accidents as well. Lifting, bending, and carrying may result in severe back pain, and improper handling of trays may result in wrist strain that can result in permanent damage if serving trays and plates are not balanced properly.

    Working in a service environment also has its fair share of slip and fall risks. When carrying trays, servers cannot look at the ground and may succumb to slips, trips, and falls as the result of slippery surfaces caused by spilled drinks and discarded food. To avoid unnecessary strain on your body, purchase shoes with adequate arch support that are slip resistant. It is also important to ask for help when you need it, whether it be to lift a heavy object or to serve a large table, to prevent unnecessary wrist and back pain.

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