• Parking Lot Falls
  • March 30, 2018
  • Those who commute to work in their own vehicle or through carpooling may have to park in a parking lot. However, sometimes when an employee falls in a parking lot, they can suffer an injury. This is a serious consideration, since Workers’ Compensation may become that employee’s primary source of income during recovery.

    When an employee falls in a parking lot that is owned or leased, and maintained by the employer, it may be clear that the employer is responsible. In a case like this, an employee may not have concerns about filing a claim for Workers’ Compensation. In other instances, when a worker parks in a lot that is not owned or maintained by the employer, it can get complicated.

    If an employee is required, by the nature of their employment, to be present on certain premises, then the employee may be liable to provide Workers’ Compensation. Traveling toward or leaving an employer’s work station is a necessary part of employment, and a parking lot may be connected to an employment relationship.

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