• Chemical Injuries Can Be Life-Changing
  • April 4, 2018
  • We often see news stories about chemical plant explosions or fires that result in tragic consequences. The potential for serious injury may be very high when an accident occurs in this kind of setting. Workers in chemical plants can face extraordinary risks every day.

    A burn is a common injury in a chemical plant, and it can be an especially severe injury as well. Even a minor chemical burn can cause discomfort and should be examined by a doctor. Treatment may include a cool, wet compress, or immersion in cool, fresh water for the pain. Follow-up may include pain relievers and loose bandages.

    But when a burn is severe, treatment can be complicated. A severe burn can char the outer layer of skin and can damage tissue several layers down – possibly including muscle. Hospitalization along with multiple surgeries and skin grafts may be required for a severe burn. Burns can be seriously disfiguring or even fatal.

    When is a chemical burn an emergency?
    When the pain is not alleviated by over-the-counter pain relievers
    When there is redness, pain, and swelling or blisters in an area that is larger than three inches in diameter
    When there are signs of shock, including fainting, shallow breathing, or a pale complexion
    When it occurs over a major joint or on the eye, hands, groin, or buttocks
    Although burns may be a common injury in a chemical plant, other injuries are also possible.

    Other injuries may include:

    Injuries due to repeated stress or strain
    Repetitive motion injuries
    Overexertion caused by lifting, holding, carrying, pushing, and similar
    Caught in or compressed by objects or machinery
    Injuries caused by bending, reaching, climbing, standing, or slipping or tripping without falling
    Many others
    Employers in a setting where chemical burns or explosions are a possibility should always have a system in place for responding to emergencies. There should be easily accessible emergency equipment, plans for obtaining emergency treatment for injured victims, and guidelines for reporting burns and other injuries to supervisors.

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