• Injured in an accident in Connecticut? Make sure you get this valuable information.
  • December 21, 2017 | Author: Richard P. Hastings
  • Law Firm: Hastings, Cohan & Walsh, LLP - Ridgefield Office

  • If you are injured in a CT accident chances are you will not know what to do. Almost immediately after the accident, you will be contacted by the insurance adjuster who represents the person who caused your accident. Because you have so many questions, and the insurance adjuster has shown a real desire to help you through this process, you might be willing to get all of your questions answered by the seemingly nice individual. The problem is that this person is really a wolf in lamb's clothing and is only looking to pay you the least amount of money possible for your Connecticut injury case. You will therefore want to contact an experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyer but do you want free information or advice.

    As an experienced Connecticut accident attorney who has been handling cases for more than three decades, I communicate with people on a weekly basis about issues they have concerning accident and injury law. Some people will type a paragraph or two describing what happened to them in the accident and then want advice as to what they should do. You should not be looking to get free advice because many times you will get what you pay for which will be at your expense. If a Connecticut accident lawyer is giving you free advice, do they really understand all of the facts that are present, do they know your medical history, is there information which they might need to have which has not been provided to them, are they just looking to acquire a new client and will say anything to get you to sign up with them so they can represent you.

    One of the best things you can get after being involved in a Connecticut accident is free information. Free information is more general in nature and will provide you with an overview as to Connecticut personal injury law and will allow you to make a decision as to what steps you want to take next. If the free information you are getting seems quite comprehensive, is reasonable and provides you with a roadmap as to how you should proceed then chances are you should have a follow-up conversation and ultimately a free consultation with the Connecticut accident lawyer who is providing you with this information.

    Our Connecticut personal injury lawyers provide free books to people who have been the victims of accidents. Our books will tell you what you should be doing, what you should not be doing, how you can get better medical care, how you can get better quicker, how you can develop your claim for lost income, and what you can do to help your Connecticut accident attorney get you more money for your injury case. We will also provide you with a workbook where you can keep track of all of your accident related information. Information is power because it will allow you to make an informed and intelligent decision as to how you would like to proceed with your Connecticut injury case. For example: should you represent yourself;what should you be looking for a CT personal injury lawyer; what type of
    knowledge, training and experience should this individual have; what specialized skills should you look for in this lawyer; what recognition or awards has this lawyer received; and most importantly, is this a person you are confident in and would choose to work with over the extended period of time that will cover the ultimate resolution of your Connecticut personal injury case.

    Contact us today to get this valuable free information. You can download our free books. You can call and speak with one of our Connecticut accident lawyers. You can schedule a free consultation with one of our Connecticut injury attorneys. You can fill out our brief online form and one of our attorneys will call you back. You are doing nothing more than gathering information so you can make informed and intelligent decisions. After you are comfortable in making this decision, we will be happy to sit down with you and go over the facts of your case in detail and then provide you with free legal advice.

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