• Downturn Diligence: Increasing Your Business's Recession Resilience
  • February 7, 2019 | Author: Paul Swanson
  • Law Firm: Holland & Hart LLP - Denver Office
  • Whether the next downturn comes this year or years from now, planning today for a more onerous regulatory and litigation environment will put your business a step ahead of the competition when trouble comes.

    Holland & Hart’s Brian Neil Hoffman and Paul Swanson provide five, proactive and practical steps businesses can take to mitigate the impact of a potential downturn in Corporate Counsel’s Feb. 7 article titled “Downturn Diligence: Increasing Your Business’s Recession Resilience.”

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    Brian Neil Hoffman, partner with Holland & Hart, counsels entities and individuals through government and internal investigations, and complex litigation matters. Paul Swanson, of counsel with the firm, advises technology companies of all sizes on commercial litigation, intellectual property, and appeals.