• Workers to Benefit from New Technology
  • July 9, 2017
  • Telemedicine
    Companies like Bank of America have already implemented telemedicine programs. Telemedicine is a way to provide clinical health care remotely using telecommunication and information technology. Bank of America has a telenursing line available 24/7 for injured workers to report their injuries. The registered nurse on duty will also assess the worker’s injury and pain level and recommend appropriate first aid treatment. The nurse also notes the worker’s medical history and a description of the accident. These notes are then uploaded to the Bank of America claims system where they are available to adjusters. Finally, if additional treatment is needed, the nurse can tell the patient which providers are in-network and even schedule an appointment.
    Safety Alerts
    The same wearable devices that are used to monitor personal fitness can be used to monitor workers and alert them to dangerous conditions. Fatigue, changes in body temperature, and repetitive motions can all be tracked to ensure workers are not putting themselves at risk. The resulting data can be used for wellness programs, training purposes and to prevent fraud. The construction industry makes use of vests and helmets that can detect and alert workers of changes in their surroundings that could signal danger. Heavy equipment such as forklifts can be fitted with alarms that sound to alert bystanders. Other types of equipment use vibrating sensors to warn the operator of dangerous usage conditions.
    Technology has also improved communications and transfer of information between employers and their employees. Many companies use smartphone applications to share training information, which is crucial in preventing injuries. The Workers’ Compensation claims process can be streamlined and centralized through the use of online reporting of injuries. By moving the accident reporting and claims process online, the company, its employees, and adjusters can all access needed information quickly. Updates for an employee’s claim can be delivered to a smartphone app or an email address, as can prescription notifications or other medical information.
    When claims are easier for employers and employees to file and track, the result can be a more productive workforce. Care can be managed better so that employees can be placed into transitional return to work assignments. Telemedicine has been able to eliminate the need for onsite clinics by bringing healthcare to employees. Bank of America saw lower claims severity and lower claims costs after introducing its telenursing program.
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