• The Lasting Effects of a Workplace Injury
  • August 23, 2017
  • Experiencing an injury at work can be traumatizing. Not only can it cause pain, emotional damage, and financial struggles when the injury occurs – it can also have an impact on a worker’s future. In fact, the long-term effects of a work injury can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life and on their family, and the damaging results can carry through to old age.
    Recent research suggests that injured workers have significantly higher rates of high blood pressure, arthritis, ulcers, stomach problems, back problems, and depression as they age. These problems can be directly or indirectly related to the original injury, but unfortunately that is not always recognized by the compensation board. Injuries can result in chronic pain, and the stress of trying to deal with all the effects can lead to lifelong suffering. A workplace injury can even lead to more rapid aging.
    There have been many cases where injured workers developed problems related to their injury many years after the injury occurred. Then, when they try to seek therapy or treatment, their claims are denied because the compensation board does not make the connection. However, new research and increased advocacy can benefit those who have been the victim of a workplace accident.
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