• NJ Supreme Court Overturns Child Relocation Standards
  • August 9, 2017
  • On August 8, a New Jersey Supreme Court judge overturned a 16-year-old precedent during a court case that involved a custodial parent’s wish to relocate her children to another state. The precedent determined whether custodial parents would be permitted to relocate a child to another state even if the other parent protested the move. Before this landmark ruling on child relocation, custodial parents could relocate their children if the move was made in good faith, and did not present any harm to the children. Now custodial parents must cite 15 “best interest” factors to prove that relocation is an ideal option for their children. The ruling will completely change the process in which children may be relocated by their custodial parents, and alter how child custody arrangements are made.

    Any divorce involving children can be fraught with indecision and sorrow, especially when alternate living arrangements must be made that essentially dismantle the family dynamic. Several different child custody arrangements are possible depending on what the family feels is best. When it comes to relocating to another state with the children, what’s best for one parent may not work for another.

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