• Survey Shows NJ Counties with the Lowest Divorce Rate
  • August 29, 2017
  • A new survey shows the ten counties in New Jersey with the lowest marriage rates. Nearly 65 percent of New Jersey households contain a married couple, which is ten percent higher than the country‚Äôs average, but there are still areas in the state that claim low marriage rates. Gloucester County ranked second place for the lowest marriage rate, with around four couples out of 1000 showing a married status. Burlington County came in third place, with almost five couples out of 1000 in the county stating that they are married. In eighth place, Camden County appeared as one of the counties with the lowest rate, with a slightly higher total of about five couples out of 1000 being married.

    Reasons why couples in New Jersey remain unmarried or claim a single status range from financial issues like student loan debt, exorbitant living expenses, or having to reside with parents or multiple roommates to the large number of children of divorce who dismiss marriage as a viable option for them. Unfortunately, by opting out of marriage, couples may be missing out on marriage benefits like health insurance and Social Security benefits, tax breaks, and participation in making legal decisions that impact their daily living and future together.

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